Cell Culture Media and Reagents

The following cell culture media and reagent types are available for purchase.

Please contact us for details. Ask about our custom cell culture media creation services and volume discounts.

Medium lacking growth supplements. Intended for use when cells do not require growth supplements, to limit cell growth, or to control the timing and amount of separate GS added to make Growth Medium.

DMEM, MCDB-105, RPMI-1640. Ready-to-use, time-proven standbys that form a sound foundation for your in vitro culture experiments.

Media contains cell-secreted, bio-active growth factors, proteins, and cytokines, i.e. “Cell-free culture supernatant.” For particularly fastidious or finicky cells that require specific mediator substances to help them grow or “take.”

This media provides favorable, precise, controlled conditions for non-dividing cells. Used to maintain or experiment on non-proliferative cells.

Contains known components, defined chemically and by concentration, serum is absent or replaced by specific growth factors. Choose when media must be entirely free of animal-derived components, serum and albumin, replaced with recombinant or synthetic growth factors, amino acids, vitamins, lipids, insulin, etc.

Cell culture media formulated to change cells to a type that is more specialized in form and function. Used to differentiate skeletal muscle cells, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, preadipocytes, etc.

Cell Culture and cell culture media in a tiny Petri dish

Media Basal medium plus cryoprotectant (e.g. DMSO) and high serum (or serum alternative). Creates cells stocks and stores cells long-term in liquid N2, with optimal cell survival, viability and recovery upon thawing.

All-in-one, ready-to-use media containing growth supplements optimized to each cell type. Induces robust cell growth and proliferation.

Provides signals that alter cells or “induce” changes to cell behavior, shape, differentiation, mitotic activity, signal cascades or gene expression.

Cell culture media formulated to preserve cells in a specific state. Retains phenotype without inducing differentiation, such as with hepatocytes, adipocytes, and stem cells.

Enhances attachment of cells to surface. Helps culture neurons or other cells that require specific conditions or additives to lay down and adhere.

Medium lacking FBS or other types of serum. For protocols that require optimized medium definition, lot-to-lot consistency and control, while maintaining cell performance, growth and productivity.

Medium lacking serum, nutrients, and/or key growth factors. Use this cell culture media when cells need to be deprived prior to experiment or treatment, or to synchronize cell cycle.

Chemically-defined medium devoid of animal- or human-derived components. For stem cell expansion or other uses that must avoid variability due to undefined animal components.

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